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ECOMAT modular system
design recicled atex consultor construction support

Mobile system for the recovery of hydrocarbons

Mobile system for the recovery, revaluation and cleaning of waste from oil tanks and lagoons.

suction and pumping acid sludge
design consultor construction

Plants for suction and pumping acid sludge

In 2020 we have started up three plants in Spain, the United States and Poland for the suction and pumping of sulphuric acid sludge from electrolysis.

Lagoon sludge cleaning
design atex consultor construction

Lagoon sludge cleaning

Radio-controlled ATEX robot for suction of sludge deposited in refinery lagoons.

Cleaning of tanks & petrochemical waste recovery systems

Mobile system for recovery, valorization and cleaning of waste from oil tanks and lagoons.

Limpieza de los lodos de la laguna

Innovative sludge removal technology for the suction of sludge deposited in the lagoons of refineries and the steel industry.

Robotic disinfection nebulizer cannon

We have developed a tanker equipped with a fog cannon for the decontamination of public roads and industries against Covid-19.

Coronavirus disinfection arc

Novedoso sistema para la desinfección del coronavirus. Se trata de un arco para la desinfección a alta presión pulverizando al desinfectante que descontamina rápida y eficazmente EPIs, personal, vehículos y cualquier tipo de material que esté expuesto al Covid-19.

Servicios de limpieza automática de depósitos con recuperación de crudo

In collaboration with Tankiac, we developed TACOR®, the most modern mobile tank cleaning system.