Cement plants

The characteristics and composition of raw materials used in the cement industry make very thorough cleaning essential to achieve the level of environmental protection required.

ECOMAT provides experience and high technology with different industrial high pressure and suction machines, from dust suction to pumping equipment, guaranteeing safety and minimizing the impact on different production processes.

High-pressure vacuum truck for Toysal 1
design recicled construction

High-pressure vacuum truck

We have produced for Toysal a vacuum-suction vehicle for working at high pressure.

ATEX robot for suction of ponds 1
design atex construction

ATEX robot for suction of ponds

Joint development with Tankiac of a robot for slop oil treatment.

Decanter centrifuges for wastewater treatment

Automated plant for the treatment of waste by centrifugation

We have developed the first and only fully automatic global plant for the processing of “NORM” type hydrocarbons contaminated by radioactivity.