From sludge to waste, the mining industry is one of the most demanding in the cleaning and treatment processes of all types of elements: plants, trucks, tractors, loaders, railways...

ECOMAT designs and builds the best mobile and fixed equipment for different cleaning processes in the mining industry without affecting productivity by using high pressure water and dust suction equipment.

Sewer Vacuum Truck
design recicled consultor construction

Sewer cleaning trucks

In order to carry out cleaning works in Durango, we manufactured a truck for FERROVIAL SERVICIOS

High-pressure vacuum truck for Toysal 1
design recicled construction

High-pressure vacuum truck

We have produced for Toysal a vacuum-suction vehicle for working at high pressure.

ATEX robot for suction of ponds 1
design atex construction

ATEX robot for suction of ponds

Joint development with Tankiac of a robot for slop oil treatment.