Iron and steel

The metal products industry is characterized by the complexity of its production process. Good cleaning and maintenance is essential.

ECOMAT is a leader in the preventive maintenance and cleaning of different components found in the casting and rolling process, applying the most advanced, sustainable and safe technology. Our knowledge and training help to prevent risks and improve preventive and predictive maintenance.

disinfection canon
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New disinfection nebulizer robotic cannon

We have developed our first tank truck equipped with a nebulizer cannon for the decontamination of public roads and industries against the Covid-19.

Disinfection coronavirus
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We developed an innovative system for the disinfection of the coronavirus

The main use of this equipment is to decontaminate PPE, people, vehicles and any type of material exposed to Covid-19.

Sewer Vacuum Truck
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Sewer cleaning trucks

In order to carry out cleaning works in Durango, we manufactured a truck for FERROVIAL SERVICIOS