Iron and steel

The metal products industry is characterized by the complexity of its production process. Good cleaning and maintenance is essential.

ECOMAT is a leader in the preventive maintenance and cleaning of different components found in the casting and rolling process, applying the most advanced, sustainable and safe technology. Our knowledge and training help to prevent risks and improve preventive and predictive maintenance.

Decanter centrifuges for wastewater treatment

Automated plant for the treatment of waste by centrifugation

We have developed the first and only fully automatic global plant for the processing of “NORM” type hydrocarbons contaminated by radioactivity.

Automatic Tank Cleaning ECOMAT - Tankiac
design atex construction

Automatic tank cleaning unit

We have designed and produced a latest generation automatic tank cleaning unit for Tankiac

ADR tank for Garbiker 1
recicled construction

ADR tank for Garbiker

ECOMAT will launch in september the last generation tank designed for polluting waste transportation.