4 Vacuum trucks for Bilbao

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To carry out the sewerage cleaning of the capital of Biscay, ECOMAT has provided a fleet of 4 mixed sewer cleaning trucks to ASASER


ASASER, the contracting company of the sewerage cleaning of Bilbao, needed to modernise the current fleet with modern and agile trucks to reach the old districts of the capital.


Recently ECOMAT has delivered 4 vacuum trucks, one of 3 m3, other of 4m3 and two of 9m3. They are very efficient trucks, with low noise level of the depressors and equipped with the latest technology. They have remote control of all movements, control location of the truck by GPS and detection and control system of faults integrated in the PLC.

On the other hand, these mixed sewer cleaning trucks and their accessories have been assembled with the minimum possible measures, to facilitate maneuvers. We have also installed telescopic poles for the aspiration systems and automatic reels for the high pressure.

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