Automated plant for the treatment of waste by centrifugation


We have developed the first and only fully automatic global plant for the processing of “NORM” type hydrocarbons contaminated by radioactivity.


Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer), a subsidiary of the National Oil Company of Abu Dhabi, asked Intecsa Industrial for a turnkey project for the commissioning of an industrial waste treatment plant at the Ruwais refinery. For this project, Intecsa commissioned ECOMAT with the construction of the first ever equipment for the separation of hydrocarbons by fully automated centrifugation.


This pioneering plant located in Abu Dhabi has a product loading system powered by a robot and a Skip elevator fully automated discharge system. This represents a great leap forwards in terms of automation and in labour and environmental regulations, as with this plant we manage to avoid refinery operators from being exposed to radioactivity.

Among the main features we highlight is that both the “Flottweg” centrifugal separator and the whole pipe, feed tank and product discharge installation are inert to ensure optimal conditions to centrifuge products with a very low flash point. The equipment is also constantly monitoring the situation to ensure an oxygen content of below 7% in the installation, otherwise the installation stops the process ensuring at all times the absence of oxygen and an explosive situation. Finally, the hydrocarbon recovery equipment has the ATEX certification to be able to work under explosive atmospheres zone 1.

We are very happy to have provided this innovative solution to the Oil & Gas industry and for the treatment of radioactive contaminated waste. Thank you Intecsa Industrial for trusting in ECOMAT.

Productof the project