Lagoon sludge cleaning

design atex consultor construction

Radio-controlled ATEX robot for suction of sludge deposited in refinery lagoons.


At ECOMAT we are developing a plant for the collection and pumping of hydrocarbons and subsequent separation by centrifugation for the company TA Technologies, a subsidiary of the Tankiac group.


This is a complete installation for the treatment of slop oil, in which we have already started with the partial delivery of equipment such as the Reaction Tank, Local Control Room and Workshop laboratory.

We are currently working on the final phase of a lagoon sludge cleaning unit, the main equipment of this project. An innovative sludge suction robot with an innovative hydraulic system and control of the whole process visualised in a "scada".

This equipment has been designed and prepared for submerged work, and is a very complete machine for extracting the sludge deposited in the refinery and steel sector lagoons. Its main characteristics include:

  • Lobe o mono suction pump
  • Modified hydraulic transmissions for submerged works
  • Hydraulic group with variable flow pump for precision of movements
  • Cooling and heating system for work in extreme climate places
  • Hand control by radio control or cable
  • Independent track system. 360º turn
  • Quick connections for umbilical cord maintenance
  • 150 m umbilical cord
  • Equipment ATEX certification for Zone 1

This facility is expected to be completed this year with the assembly of the centrifuge unit. 

Productof the project