Mixed cleaning truck for Lisant

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We have supplied a suction and vacuum equipment with ATEX certificate for the company Lisant.


The Catalan company Lisant dedicated to industrial cleaning and sanitation in Barcelona needed a suction and vacuum equipment that could work in explosive environments, since its activity more and more, is developed in refineries and chemical plants, where they have to suck products with a high degree of explosiveness, which can not be made by conventional equipment that they had until now.


Being ECOMAT, the only certified national manufacturer to be able to build mixed cleaning equipment with ATEX certification, we have supplied a suction and vacuum truck that incorporates the latest technological advances at the energy efficiency level and that, thanks to the ATEX certification, allows you to work in explosive atmospheres. The equipment is installed on a 3-axle chassis with 12 m3 autoclave capacity in INOX 316, with a high pressure capacity of 1.150bar and a vacuum of 2.400m3.

According to the energetic efficiency, the mixed truck of cleaning has an hydraulic system  and variable flow for the propulsion of the equipment and the electronic regulation of all the functions. Those feature allows working with the water pump and depressor simultaneously, but at independent speeds, resulting in lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and reducing its noise level.

Regarding the safety in explosive atmospheres, the equipment supplied has the certification for the vacuum system according to ATEX zone 2, allowing it to undertake work in classified areas and high risk of explosion.

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