Mobile system for the recovery of hydrocarbons

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Mobile system for the recovery, revaluation and cleaning of waste from oil tanks and lagoons.


The petrochemical industry produces sludge and waste oil that were dumped in sludge lagoons until recently. Due to the serious impact on the environment and sustainability, there’s a great need for companies that treat such waste and provide solutions.


We are an advanced company in the manufacture of industrial equipment, we’re backed by more than 20 years of experience implementing technology that’s proven to be extremely safe, with which we simplify and automate processes.


We have extensive know-how and technological development in waste treatment plants, automatic cleaning of large refinery tanks and sludge suction robots. We have seamlessly combined all three disciplines to create and launch our new mobile system.

  • We deploy the equipment in containers. 
  • The system is adaptable to different tanks and layouts.
  • With this system the recovery, revaluation, and cleaning of different compositions of waste is possible.
  • The equipment and containers are approved for sea and land transport. 
  • They are adapted and certified for hazardous environments, complying with European standards.

The SLUDGE CLEANING ROBOT collects, suctions, and removes sludge from oily sludge lagoons. 

  • Using its tracks, it moves along the entire surface
  • Sucks up the sludge, pumping it into a container 
  • The operator controls the entire process by radiofrequency or cable

The REACTION TANK facilitates the screening and pre-treatment of the sludge before it's sent to the centrifuge unit, homogenizing the product and screening out solid particles.

The homogenized sludge is then pumped into the CENTRIFUGE MODULE, where it’s separated into three phases. Water, oil, and solids.


This minimizes waste, recovers hydrocarbons, and converts them into recoverable materials. We control and customize the process to make it as safe as possible for the operator, and we carry out a highly effective commissioning strategy that sets ECOMAT apart from other manufacturers.


  • Completely customized for the customer
  • The safest system for operators and the environment
  • Highly effective commissioning strategy
  • Return on investment

ECOMAT CLEANING SYSTEM sets a new standard for the safe treatment of toxic waste, oil, and sludge, making possible their recovery, as well as the return on investment for our customers.

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