New disinfection nebulizer robotic cannon

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We have developed our first tank truck equipped with a nebulizer cannon for the decontamination of public roads and industries against the Covid-19.


At Ecomat we continue to work on finding new systems for the disinfection of large surfaces. In this case, we have manufactured a nebulizer cannon, designed to be incorporated into tanker trucks, which will allow a total sweeping of streets and buildings quickly. In this way, we can adapt and transform any mixed cleaning truck into an effective disinfectant vehicle to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


Our first truck has already successfully completed its first service at the Bilbao water consortium's plant. This disinfection system can incorporate ozonized water or any virucide authorized by the Health Department. In addition, it can be used both on public roads for cleaning streets and buildings, and in closed spaces, for decontaminating industries, warehouses, hospitals, residences...
The products used by our system are designed precisely to avoid damaging properties, vehicles, or even people who may be on the street at the time.

As far as its use is concerned, the truck throws the product through the misting system, achieving a perfect and homogeneous impregnation on any surface, even reaching a distance of 80 meters, and evaporating in a few seconds.

In addition, the vehicle has hydraulic equipment that allows it to make all the movements (from left to right and from top to bottom) guaranteeing a fast and total sweeping of everything in its path. In the case of the public road, the truck is capable of disinfecting both sides of the road by circulating in only one direction.

The new nebulizer cannon works like a robot, that is, it can be controlled by a programmable PLC in automatic mode, or it can even be directed manually.

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