Plants for suction and pumping acid sludge

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In 2020 we have started up three plants in Spain, the United States and Poland for the suction and pumping of sulphuric acid sludge from electrolysis.


Last year, the Eulen Group asked us for 3 sludge suction-drive machines for the Asturian Zinc company, which specializes in the development of electrolysis plants all over the world and in the research, exploitation and commercialization of zinc.


he first plant was precisely installed in one of the electrolysis warehouses of Asturiana de Zinc, in the city of Avilés. The start up was carried out in January in a satisfactory way, even developing the tests in less time than stipulated.

Later, in March, we delivered the second sludge suction equipment to the company American Zinc Products in the United States.

We are currently installing the third and last sulphuric acid sludge suction and pumping plant for ZGH Boleslaw, also delivered in April. But due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have not been able to travel to Poland for the start-up of the equipment until now.

The three plants stand out for:

- AUTOMATION: They do not require the presence of any operator on the machine during suction/pumping works and cycle changes. This point has been very prominent in the ZGH Boleslaw plant, since at present, in other facilities that have to carry out this work, they need the control of two operators constantly.

- CONTINUOUS SUCTION AND PUMPING: Suction and pumping work is continuous, i.e. the equipment does not need to stop suctioning in order to pump and vice versa.

- CAPACITY AND POWER OF ASPIRATION: Flow rate of 1,900 m3/h and a vacuum pressure of 120 mbar. This means that the bottom of the electrolysis cells is cleaned, as all the scale is absorbed without the need for technical stops for cleaning.

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