We developed an innovative system for the disinfection of the coronavirus

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The main use of this equipment is to decontaminate PPE, people, vehicles and any type of material exposed to Covid-19.


Taking advantage of our knowledge and experience in high pressure equipment, we have developed in record time an arc for high pressure disinfection by spraying the disinfectant that will help in the decontamination tasks to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


This revolutionary equipment consists of a high-pressure water pump that sprays water with disinfectant as if it were a spray through humidifying nozzles. The effect achieved by the high pressure is an homogeneous impregnation and a rapid evaporation of the product. In this way we achieve that the personnel and the material is completely disinfected and dry in a few seconds. 

This equipment can work with water with disinfectant or even incorporate an ozonized water equipment, very useful for the entrance and exit of the operating rooms and ICUs. Moreover, with this technology we can help the problem of the shortage of sanitary equipment, thanks to the perfect disinfection of the PPE, they can be reused. 

Its operation is fully automatic by means of a photoelectric cell and timer, and the system is left at rest and ready to operate as soon as someone passes through the detection area. The equipment is modular and can be disassembled, making it easy to transport and assemble. 

Therefore, the disinfection arch can become a very effective tool in the accesses of the hospitals for the cleaning tasks of the ambulances that transfer patients with coronavirus, as well as for the sanitary personnel or any person or material that has had a possible contact with the virus.

For further information: http://dcsinfraestructuras.com/

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